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Mental Health Awareness and Introduction to Schizophrenia Training

We offer a variety of Training around Mental Health Awareness, which covers stigma, values, dispelling myths about mental health, learning about 4 different mental health conditions anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bi polar affective disorder and mental health recovery and a hearing voices experiential exercise.

We offer training looking at an intro to schizophrenia which looks at signs and symptoms and dispel stereotypes/ myths surrounding schizophrenia, looking how its diagnosed, through to an experiencial exercise of hearing voices,  a personal experiences of having schizophrenia through to research looking at ways of helping, what helps hearing voices and services and mental health recovery.

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Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Recovery Action Planning Training

​We also offer training on mental health recovery, definitions, what helps and is unhelpful with regards mental health through to personal experiences of mental health recovery through to research about recovery through to recovery outcome star and practical uses.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning which was devised by Mary Ellen Copeland - we look at core concepts of recovery, also looking at wellness tools, daily maintenance, early warning signs, triggers, when things are breaking down, crisis plans and post crisis plans.

I am working towards becoming approved as a mental health first aid instructor to facilitate a two day adults (mhfa)

Also we can tailor bespoke  training for your needs for your students and your organisations, or  employees.

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